Sunday, June 3, 2012

Good Company and Good Food

I was introduced to Paella by my good friend Conchita and her cousins when we traveled through Spain as college students.  Her cousins took us to Los Caracolas in Barcellona’s Barri Gótic (Barrio Gotico).    We started out with snails and the advanced to the Paella Mista which is a symphony of rice, chicken and seafood.  

Planiol Restaurant in Lloret de Mar
Each time we have come to Spain we have indulged in Paella at least once this trip was no exception.  The scent of a restaurant where they are preparing paella is enough to calm the spirit and make your mouth water.  When it finally arrives at the table all hands commence spooning this marriage of meat and fish on to their plates.

This year we were treated to Paella in a restaurant on the beach in Lloret de Mar by our friends Lluis and Mercedes Pujades.  They decided ordered to select Paella Mariscos and Paella Langosta.  The favors of both were spectacular with the Lobster Paella having a stronger seafood flavor.  A semi-dry tinto (red) wine selected by out host enhanced the experience.

Paella Langosta

Paella Mariscos

Monday was a holiday for the city of Barcelona.  Our host, Antonio Villasenior, in Barcelona,  planned a splendid walking tour. In the afternoon we met his girl friend Adelaida at Ristorante La Fonda.  They enjoyed Paella Mista,  I tried something new, Fideus,  a Catalan specialty which used fine noodles with a stew of shrimp, clams, and mussles and various vegetables.    Bob had the bacallà (cod) with a finely chopped vegetable sauce.   Each dish was superb and we enjoyed a traditional Catalan lunch hour filled with delicious food and entertaining conversation.

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